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Light Living Holistic Wellness

Kate Wargo, Reiki Master Practitioner, and owner of Light Living Holistic Wellness has gifted you with a complimentary distance Reiki session!

What is Reiki, you ask? Great question!

Reiki is the subtle and deep connection to another’s energy flow. It is the soft manipulation of sending soothing light toward their entire being. There are seven layers to ourselves, with one grounded physical manifestation of self. Where massage works only on one level, Reiki light touches and heals all layers of the self: physical, energetic, patterning, psychic, and spiritual. This work can be done in person or through distance healing.

Reiki is simply a patterning of hand positions which cause a cellular and muscular response of relief. When one lays hands on another, all of the cells in that area detect touch and soon begin to melt and relax to it. As in a gentle massage, the nervous system fires and then relaxes, allowing your body to better heal itself.

This is an amazing way to center and relax yourself as you prepare for the holiday season!

You can book your appointment and check her out here: