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Tupelo Honey Tea

What better way to relax during a cold winter’s night then with an excellent cup of tea! And we’ve got just what you need!

Tupelo Honey Teas is the dream child of Danielle Spinola. Danielle’s nickname since the time she was born is “Bee”. Given her nickname, the fact that bees are very vital to plants and honey and tea are a perfect combination, Danielle found it fitting to choose a honey name for her business venture.

Tupelo Honey Teas is a mostly organic, fairly traded tea company located in Pittsburgh, PA. Our goal is to obtain the best teas from organic sources. When organic is not available, we try to make sure the tea we are purchasing is at least fairly traded. We strive to bring the best-tasting teas to our customers by purchasing from multiple companies. This means our cost to operate is greater than most tea shops, but we feel providing a quality product is more important than a “bottom line.”

You will see that our company has teas from all over the world. We never stop searching for rare and unknown teas that people in obscure places in the world use for health benefits. After all, herbs are the original medicine.

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